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What are the requirements for blowers in sewage treatment plants


The noise that blower produces makes a person upset, do not know how to deal with the phenomenon that blower produces noise, some users also do not know what is the reason that blower produces noise, today together to understand what are the reasons that blower produces noise? There are many factors that cause the blower to produce noise. Today, we will analyze several main factors. First, we need to understand why some blades and shells also produce noise and analyze the solutions to these problems. It is well known what role the fan blades play in the blower. It will not work properly if the blower is used outside the blades. But the fan blade in the operation of some of the noise problems? Do a detailed analysis of this, right? The reason why the blades produce noise is that when the fan blades are rotating, they will have certain friction or impact with the air, which will lead to noise.

If the width and thickness of the fan blade are increased, the noise generated by the fan blade will be greater. The noise frequency is composed of a variety of frequencies, which are related to the speed of the fan. The frequency of noise is composed of a variety of frequencies, which are related to the speed of the fan. Whether we use axial flow fan or centrifugal fan, as long as the wind speed of the fan is faster, the higher the wind pressure, will make the blower more noise.

The noise of the fan blade should be considered from the speed of the fan. When the blower is running, the back of its moving wing will produce eddy currents, which will not only reduce the efficiency of the blower, but also produce a lot of noise. In order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, the installation Angle of the blade should not be too large, and the fan blade should be bent smoothly, not to change too suddenly.