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Action and innovation

A high - efficiency and energy - saving aeration blower came out


In October 2017, Hengan Group, a well-known paper manufacturer in China, signed a purchase contract for negative pressure fans with our company through many technical exchanges and consultations. This fan is another innovative product of our company in the new field. It breaks through the application field of traditional fan and opens up new applications. He can replace water ring vacuum pumps to improve efficiency. The fan impeller has fewer series, low noise, high efficiency and good vacuuming effect.

Our technicians and front-line workers successfully assembled the fan in early November after more than a year of research, development, design and production, and conducted a 72-hour non-stop trial operation in our fan lab. The operation was very stable and all the values were within the standard range.

Hengan Group has arranged the fan to be used in its branch in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province after the on-site investigation. At present, the fan has been officially put into operation and the operation is in good condition. Next year, Hengan Group will plan to purchase more than ten fans of this type from our company for operation in many branches across the country.

Constant innovation and development make us constantly open up new markets in new fields, and the idea of always seeking for new and changing makes us occupy a larger and larger market share.